Welcome » Workmethod

Step 1: Contact

You are looking for a nice dogwalkingservice for your dog(s), so you contact me via e-mail of phone to exchange information and to make an appointment to het to know each other. 


Step 2: Introduction

I will come by on the agreed date and time to get to know you and your dog(s). After a short conversation, we will take a short walk together wth your dog(s) in a area the dogs are aloud off leash, so I can see how the dog is with you, how he/she reacts to other dogs and your dog will also be introduced to my whistles and attentionsounds. 


Step 3: One on one walk

After that, on another day, the dog(s) and I will go out for a one on one walk so we can build a bond and practice the recall.


Step 4: Groupwalk

And then your dog(s) can join us for a test walk with the group! I will pick up the dog(s) at your house or in the store and introduce him/her to the group. When it is a good match, your dog can join the dogwalkingservice of Having a doggy day!


However, there are certain conditions that your dog must meer in order to be allowed to participate in the dogwalkingservice:

- Your dog knows the following basic commands: here, wait/stop, no/yuck;

- Your dog receives his annual vaccinations (Weil, Parvo, Kennel cough);

- Your dog is treated againgst worms, ticks and fleas;

- Your dog in insured;

- Your dog is good with other dogs, animals and people;

- Your dog is older than one year;

- Your dog is (chemically) neutered/sterilized.