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Who am I?

My name is Sasha ter Haar, I am 33 years of age and born and raised in The Hague.

In my childhood home we used to have dogs, so at a young age I learned how to get a long with them and the responsibilities that with with it, such as walking, feeding and playing with the dog. 


I have always wanted to work with dogs, but I didn't know where to start and what exactly I wanted to do! After a long detour, I finally decided the take the risk and start working for myzelf when I was 29. And that's how the dogswalkingservice Having a doggy day was born!


At the moment I do not have dog(s) of my own due to various reasons, but ofcourse I would love to expand my familie in due time. Untill then, I am enjoying and having the time of my life with the lovely dogs that join the dogwalkingservice of Having a doggy day, that I see as my surrogate family!


I have followed the dogwalkingservice course and I am now busy with the Canine Instructeur (Kynologisch Instructeur) trainign at the Martin Gaus Academy. In addition, I regularly follow lectures, workshops, courses and webinars and I read books about dog behavior to maintain and increase my knowledge.


Followed (training) courses and lectures:

- BAT-lecture -> Behavior Adjustment Training (Monique Bladder) 2019, 2020

- HUS -> dogwalking service training (Martin Gaus Academie) 2019

- Dog Listening weekend (Tony Knight) 2019

- Dogs body language (Liselot Boersma) 2019

- Dogbehavior (Liselot Boersma) 2019

- Kynologisch Instructeur (Martin Gaus Academie) 2020 - Module 1, 2 and 3 achieved (I only have to take my exam!)

- Dominance lecture (Monique Bladder) 2020

- HIC (canine intructor congress) 2020

- Stress-reduction (Monique Bladder) 2020

- Barking at company (Monique Bladder) 2020

- Fear/insecure (Monique Bladder) 2020

- Stress (Argos) 2021

- Barkbehavior (Argos) 2021, 2 x

- Hunting (Argos) 2021

- Nose of the dog (Argos) 2021

- Agression (Argos) 2021

- Doglanguage (Argos) 2021

- Being alone (Argos) 2021

- Puberty (Argos) 2021

- HIC 2 (canine intructor congres) 2021

- Castration (Argos) 2021

- Dogs that fall out (Argos) 2021