So, you are going away for the weekend or going away on vacation, but there is no vacancy at the pension or no one available to take care of your beloved pet(s) for those few days? Or you don't have the opportunity to walk your lovely dog and you do not want to neglect him? Do you live in the city centre of The Hague, Benoordenhout, Archipel, Zeeheldenkwartier or Scheveningen? Then you can turn to me.


Having a doggy day takes care of your pet with much love and walks your dog(s) in the forest or on the beach. During the weekdays there are two groupwalks each dat of a maximum of five dogs per group that are picked up by bus for a nice walk, and before and after the groupwalks there is time for the one-on-one walks, the dog will be walked in your neigborhood.  During the walks they are treated to small treats and after the walk with some water. Every dog had his/her own  drinkingbowl and own towel with which they are dried and/or cleaned. A brush will be used to remove excess hais and the check for ticks.


To be able to take care of your pet, he/she doesn't have to experience the stress of replacing, because he/she will remain in the comfort of their own home. We come along on the desired days to take care of your pet and pamper them. Time is limited though, but can be  extended in consultation. We will take pictures every time we come over and send them to you, so you can see that your pet is in good hands.