Having a doggy day!

Welcome to the Having a doggy day site! This means that you are looking for a dogwalking service or someone to look after your pet, most likely. To see if I meet your requirements, I will present my rules to you and you can decide at your leisure whether I can assist you. If you still have doubts after viewing my website, you can always contact me by e-mail with your questions.


In which areas do I work:

- Benoordenhout

- Archipel

- Zeeheldenkwartier

- Zorgvliet


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Why should you choose Having a doggy day:

- Certified dogwalkingservice.

- I walk with small groups.

- Safe transportation.

- Personal contact.

- Fixed pack.

- Nice photos and videos.

- Regularly follow courses to increase my knowledge.

- Heart for the animals.


My rules to join the group:

- I know the basic commands

- I get my annual vaccinations (Weil, Parvo, Kennelcough)

- I am treated against fleas, worms and ticks.

- I am insured.

- I am great with other dogs, animals and people,

- I am older than one year.

- I am castrated.

Followed (training) courses and lectures:

- Animal care (NHA) 2016

- Manager dogboarding (CVA) 2018

- BAT-lecture -> Behavior Adjustment Training (Monique Bladder) 2019, 2020

- HUS -> dogwalking service training (Martin Gaus Academie) 2019

- Dog Listening weekend (Tony Knight) 2019

- Dogs body language (Liselot Boersma) 2019

- Kynologisch Instructeur (Martin Gaus Academie) 2020 - Module 1, 2 and 3 achieved (I only have to take my exam!)

- Dominance lecture (Monique Bladder) 2020

- HIC (canine intructor congress) 2020

- Stress-reduction (Monique Bladder) 2020

- Barking at company (Monique Bladder) 2020

- Lecture fear/insecure (Monique Bladder) 2020